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Real estate Transaction Lawyers

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transaction Lawyers for Colorado

With decades of experience in Colorado real estate law, the legal professionals at Coaty and Woods, P.C. are here to help with real estate transactions. We understand that oftentimes in these matters time is of the essence, which is why we will work efficiently and diligently for you.

Real Estate Transaction Law for Colorado

Most people review a real estate transaction contract and ask, “How do I know if this contract provides for all my needs and protects me or my company?” And these are very good questions, because with all the details of Colorado real estate law, you need to have both a full understanding of the law itself and the necessary experience to see potential issues to ensure a contract is fair. That’s why our team of real estate lawyers provides a variety of services around residential and commercial transactions for buyers, sellers, brokers, developers, HOAs and local governments, landlords and contractors. We review and create contracts to give you the peace of mind you want in your real estate transaction.

If you have a case that must go to court or arbitration, our experienced attorneys are also ready to represent you. Visit our Real Estate Claims and Litigation page to learn more.

Who Uses our Real Estate Transaction Services:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Brokers
  • Local governments
  • Developers
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Landlords
  • Contractors
  • And others

Real Estate Law Services Based in an Appreciation for Colorado’s Amazing Land

Being based in the mountains of Evergreen, our firm has a deep appreciation for Colorado real estate law. We understand what the vast and varied Colorado terrain has to offer. With over 30 years of Colorado experience, the lawyers at Coaty and Woods, P.C. know the role that real estate plays in our state’s economy.

Practicing here among the mountains and so close to the front range, we see firsthand how the Evergreen, Golden, Morrison, Conifer, Bailey, Idaho Springs and Georgetown economies are very much dependent on the vitality of our real estate markets and construction industry. As such, our diverse, comprehensive real estate practice serves Coloradans and Colorado companies with legal guidance in practically every phase of a transaction.

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Experts at Colorado Mountain Property

With our Evergreen office nestled in right here in the majestic Rocky Mountains, our experience at analyzing and solving issues with mountain property is extensive. When it comes to legal ownership and the rights attached to a piece of property, mountain areas often bring more complicated factors to the table. Because of a parcel’s unconventional layout, for example, property boundaries in mountainous areas and easements are a common area of dispute. Our team has seen these sorts of cases many times and we know the right questions and approaches to get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible. When it comes to any real estate transaction in a mountainous or hilly area, it’s best to go with expert lawyers like those here at Coaty and Woods, P.C. to help you save time and avoid potential issues.

Real Estate Transaction Lawyers that Work for You

Our experienced real estate lawyers handle purchase, sale, exchange, lease transactions, land use, zoning regulations and other matters relating to land development, as well as lending and financing. Whether you are a residential or commercial buyer or seller, a real estate broker or other real estate professional such as a homeowners’ associationlandlord, developer or contractor, we can help make your next transaction proceed smoothly, avoid surprises and identify potential pitfalls.

Helping You Get It Right – Avoid Accidental Illegal Real Estate Practices

Even companies and individuals who have conducted real estate transactions before may not be familiar with all the legal details that will keep a transaction legal. Every transaction is different, so new details can bring additional considerations to the table. And not all brokers are versed on the legal details of a transaction.

To avoid a potential breach of contract or claim of negligence for example, we recommend a review of your contract with a real estate lawyer to make sure all the necessary information is included. Whether you’re buying, selling, developing, representing or managing, let our team help you with the legal considerations.

What does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

People often ask, “If I already have an agent, what does a real estate lawyer do?” When there are legal questions, is it especially important to consult your attorney as brokers may not be as versed in real estate law or the legal implications of a particular issue. A real estate lawyer is up-to-date on state or local changes that can affect your transaction.

Attorneys are hired to ensure that the proper procedures are observed when selling, buying or developing land. With their experience, they can also help you avoid future pitfalls for plans you may have after purchasing, such as with zoning regulations. This is why it is important you discuss all your plans for a property with an attorney.

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What We Can Do for You

Our attorneys can assist clients in nearly every phase of real estate acquisition, sale, and ownership including:

  • Drafting and reviewing listing agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements
  • Identifying real estate due diligence issues and locating the professionals to complete the due diligence process efficiently
  • Negotiating, preparing, documenting, and enforcing deeds and deeds of trust
  • Loan evaluation, document preparation and enforcement
  • Representing either party to a commercial lease, including the negotiation and enforcement of renewal, assignment and tenant improvement terms
  • Drafting, reviewing and enforcing residential leases
  • Providing ongoing legal advice for real estate investment or property management companies
  • Resolving title problems or boundary disputes
  • Helping you secure use permits or rezoning for commercial or industrial uses
  • Preparing, enforcing, and updating Covenants and Declarations and helping property owner associations and property owners navigate through the requirements of the homeowners associations

Keeping Legal Costs Down

We understand and respect that cost is a concern for clients. This is why our team of attorneys works efficiently to draft and review real estate transaction contracts. With our 30+ years working for Coloradans and Colorado companies, we have built an institutional knowledge and library of contracts and clauses that helps us streamline our process and minimize waste. This is accomplished while still addressing the intricacies of your case.

We Offer Free Consultations

Navigating legal situations can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, clients just don’t know where or how to get started. We offer a free consultation to look over your case or project and discuss how we can help. Call or email us today and let’s discuss your real estate issue.

What our Clients are Saying

Each attorney walks in integrity. I highly recommend this firm!

Crystal M. C.

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