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Homeowners Association (HOA) Lawyers

Colorado HOA Lawyers and Legal Consultation for Residents, Common Interest Communities and Developers

Homeowners, real estate developers, and homeowner associations in Colorado have trusted the expert attorneys at Coaty and Woods, P.C. for decades. Whether you need assistance in creating or enforcing a covenant, mediation services, or advice from an impartial decision maker, we’re here to help.

Homeowners Associations

If you’re looking for ‘HOA lawyers’ for legal advice, consultation, contract creation or even representation, you’ve come to the right place. While the term HOA lawyer may suggest we only help homeowner associations, we help all interested parties with a wide area of issues around common interest communities.

Coaty and Woods, P.C. provides a full range of services related to homeowner associations (HOAs) and the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA). Whether you are a developer creating covenants that include a homeowner association, a board member dealing with the complex series of laws that apply to Common Interest Communities, or a homeowner trying to establish rights in relation to the HOA, our experienced attorneys can help.

Assisting Residents, Developers and HOAs in Colorado for over 40 Years

Our experience working with common interest communities in Evergreen and surrounding communities is extensive. Our firm has worked on HOA and real estate covenant projects for decades. This gives us an institutional knowledge that understands how many bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) have come into being and are interpreted or enforced. Our continued efforts in this area have also helped us see how these bylaws and CC&Rs evolve to create healthier, thriving and more inclusive communities. This experience will help get you the answers and guidance you need when it comes to Colorado HOA laws and issues.

Why Hire an HOA Lawyer?

Clients frequently ask, “Why should I hire an HOA Lawyer? It’s too expensive!” We understand this sentiment. The truth is, they often find out that it often saves money in the long run.

Many who live in or own a home in a common interest community, serve on the board of an HOA or develop planned communities, generally understand how HOA laws, bylaws and covenants function, but not everyone understands the implications, legalities or potential issues that can surround them. Having HOA lawyers, versed in Colorado HOA laws, advising you can save time, money and emotional distress.

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For HOAs & Developers Wanting to Create Thriving Communities

Avoiding Risk

When it comes to establishing a homeowners association or creating CC&Rs, well-written rules and bylaws can save you confusion, headaches and sometimes time and money in potential legal issues. When parties try to save money by ‘copy and pasting’ bylaws and covenants off free websites, they run the risk of creating outdated or incomplete rules that can become the groundwork for a legal case. A lawyer experienced in Colorado HOA laws will have a trained, unbiased eye for potential issues that can influence the process of creating CC&R’s and HOA bylaws.

Creating a Common Interest Community that Supports Positive Property Value

The effect on property value or real estate sales from a community’s covenants is not to be taken lightly either. Without knowing it, parties can create unnecessarily restrictive or overly vague HOA covenants and obligations that can deter potential buyers or create uncertainty around enforcement. Issues like these can have a negative financial effect on property value. Our attorneys that handle homeowner association law have the foresight to guide you into building a sound structure for your rules and guidelines.

Continuity and Consistency for a Thriving Community

Often, the officers and directors of an HOA are volunteers. They may serve for a few years, and then move on. The attorneys and staff at Coaty and Woods, P.C. can provide your community with background and continuity so that important enforcement and governance requirements are not missed. In many cases, CCIOA authorizes the prevailing party, either homeowner or HOA, to collect attorney’s fees and costs when litigation has been necessary.

For Home Owners Defending their Rights

When HOA laws infringe upon a person’s rights, steps need to be taken to correct the path not only for the current resident but for future residents to come. Sometimes clients can’t decipher the bylaws and CC&Rs that affect where they live. Vague or overly restrictive can make it so a person doesn’t understand what their rights are in a living situation. Or, it makes it difficult for them to defend their position. Our HOA lawyers provide representation and legal counsel for homeowners and residents in these types of situations.

For Understanding All Your Legal Options

In many cases, with some legal guidance, we recommend HOAs and homeowners talk about the issue at hand. Oftentimes, misunderstandings or disagreements can be settled through dialogue. However, when talks fail, legal action may be necessary. This doesn’t always mean a case will end up in court with an attorney. Mediation is another, generally less expensive route to settle disputes. Not all cases need end up in court. Our lawyers will listen to the details of your complaint and guide you through your options to help bring about the best possible outcome.

Common Colorado HOA Law Legal Services

All cases are unique and have their own items for investigation and service. Still, most Colorado HOA law projects tend to fall under the categories listed below.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, make sure to call or email us. Your initial consultation is free of charge and speaking with an HOA lawyer can help you better understand some of your options and how we can help you.

  • Assistance to real estate developers, homeowners or an HOA in interpreting, establishing or amending the Covenants and the rules and regulations that apply to properties in a Common Interest Community;
  • Collection of delinquent assessments, including recording the HOA lien on the property, and foreclosing the lien when necessary;
  • Covenants Enforcement, including enforcement letters and litigation when necessary;
  • Ensuring that the community’s Covenants, Bylaws and other rules and regulations comply with CCIOA;
  • Advice and assistance related to board of directors elections and other governance matters;
  • Arranging for mediation between the HOA and homeowners;
  • Advice and assistance related to providing an impartial decision maker for disputes between the HOA and homeowners.

Free Initial Consultation

If you’d like to consult with one of our HOA lawyers about your issue, or if are interested in how we can help you develop a healthy set of HOA bylaws and CC&Rs for your common interest community, please contact us. We can set up a meeting or you’re welcome to email us the details of your situation. We can review your email and get back to you.

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